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Seit 2007 ermöglicht das Profitraining freischaffende TänzerInnen und Tanzkompanien der freien Szene, regelmässig professionell zu trainieren. Es werden sechs wöchentliche Trainingseinheiten angeboten. Preis pro Lektion: CHF 10.- (für Mitglieder beim Tanzbüro Basel) / CHF 15.- (für Nichtmitglieder).

Für Fragen zum Profitraining: profitraining@tanzbuero-basel.ch.

  Since 2007, the Profitraining enables freelance dancers and freelance dance companies to take professional-level classes on a regular basis. Six classes per week are being offered. Price for one class: CHF 10.- (Tanzbüro Basel members) / CHF 15.- (non-members).
For specific questions: profitraining@tanzbuero-basel.ch.


Information Profitraining Basel

Registration Profitraining Basel

Monday: Danceworks (Spalentorweg 20, 4051 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Contemporary
Tuesday: Danceworks (Spalentorweg 20, 4051 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Contemporary

Wednesday: Danceworks (Spalentorweg 20, 4051 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Contemporary
Thursday: Chronos (Elisabethenstrasse 22, 4051 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Ballet
Saturday: Chronos (Elisabethenstrasse 22, 4051 Basel),11:00-12:30, Ballet

Sunday: Danceworks (Spalentorweg 20, 4051 Basel), 11:00-12:30, Ballet


The Profitraining does not take place at the Tanzbüro itself, but in the studios Danceworks and Chronos. Addresses see above.



Pay once and participate in 10 Profitraining classes. The card is not tied to a specific day, style or studio and has unlimited validity. Prices: CHF 100.-/150.-/200.- (based on your usual class price), to be paid cash in the studio. The monthly membership is also still available (validity 30/31 days). CHF 80 (Tanzbüro members & profis or students without income), CHF 120 (all others).


Free participation for refugees / asylum seekers with staying permit B with "refugee status", F, N or S.


Download schedule Summer 24

Download teachers' profiles and class descriptions Summer 24


Profitraining Basel is supported by Kulturabteilung Basel-Stadt, Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung.


Partner organizations:

Profitraining Tanzhaus Zürich

Profitraining Zentralschweiz


Nationaler Kalender für Profitrainings von Danse Suisse (Link).


New format: LAB, a professional training that focuses more on conveying the artistic working methods of the invited artist and less on the technical aspects of dance. The invited artists are at different stages of their artistic journey and invest in their specific approach to movement and/or their artistic practice. It is an opportunity for dancers, choreographers and creatives to meet physically in the studio, exchange ideas and be curious about each other.


These PT Lab sessions usually take place on the last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the month during regular professional training times. Schedule irregularities are possible, the dates and teachers/choreographers will be communicated in advance. All Profitraining participants are invited to cultivate their openness and to dive into unfamiliar or familiar working methods in order to share a studio moment together.



January 29-31 Marie-Louise Schneider

February 26-28 Tyra Wigg

March 18-20 Jeremy Nedd

April 22-24 Yeonji Han

May 27-29 Pascale Utz

June 17-19 Jonas Onny

August 26-28 Rosie Terry Toogood

September 23-25 Tabea Martin

October 28-30 Declan Whitaker

November 25-27 Zina Vaessen

December 16-18 Jasminka Stenz



August 28-30 Fabrice Mazliah

September 25-27 Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

October 23-25 Tamara Gvozdenovic

November 27-29 Simea Cavelti

December 18-20 Olivia Ronzani und Eevi Kinnunen