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Seit 2007 ermöglicht das Profitraining freischaffende TänzerInnen und Tanzkompanien der freien Szene, regelmässig professionell zu trainieren. Es werden sechs wöchentliche Trainingseinheiten angeboten. Preis pro Lektion: CHF 10.- (für Mitglieder beim Tanzbüro Basel) / CHF 15.- (für Nichtmitglieder).

Für Fragen zum Profitraining: profitraining@tanzbuero-basel.ch.

  Since 2007, the Profitraining enables freelance dancers and freelance dance companies to take professional-level classes on a regular basis. Six classes per week are being offered. Price for one class: CHF 10.- (Tanzbüro Basel members) / CHF 15.- (non-members).
For specific questions: profitraining@tanzbuero-basel.ch.


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Monday: Semiramis (Spalentorweg 20, 4056 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Contemporary
Tuesday: Semiramis (Spalentorweg 20, 4056 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Contemporary

Wednesday: Semiramis (Spalentorweg 20, 4056 Basel), 11:00-12:30, Contemporary
Thursday: Chronos (Elisabethenstrasse 22, 4051 Basel), 10:30-12:00, Ballet
Saturday: Chronos (Elisabethenstrasse 22, 4051 Basel),11:00-12:30, Ballet

Sunday, Semiramis (Spalentorweg 20, 4056 Basel), 11:00-12:30, Ballet


The Profitraining does not take place at the Tanzbüro itself, but in the studios Semiramis and Chronos. Addresses see above.


Corona measures, new regulations: In the case of indoor sporting or cultural activities, persons over 16 years are generally required to hold a certificate. This restriction (certificate requirement) does not apply to permanent groups of less than 30 people who train together regularly (e.g. weekly) in separate rooms. A group remains stable - even if individual participants do not take part in all training sessions due to illness or holidays. It is also possible to integrate new people into the group (e.g. in the context of trial trainings). The participants must be known to the organiser. Continue to keep contact lists for contact tracing. In addition, effective ventilation must be available.


There are three permanent groups at Profitraining Basel: Contemporary (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday); Ballet Chronos (Thursday, Saturday) and Ballet Semiramis (Sunday). For trial trainings please contact Dominique


Profitraining Basel Hygiene Concept Measures


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Profitraining Basel is supported by Kulturabteilung Basel-Stadt, kulturelles.bl, Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung.



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